White Seabass Charters

Call them whatever you want, seabass are an incredibly misunderstood  fish. They’ve always been my favorite Bight targets. I’ve spent this  decade fishing them from above Point Conception to below the border,  along the way putting in well over 1,000 strictly seabass days along a special swath of coast.

Trips fish around when the fish  are biting—this could be morning or night. And to the best  locations—this could mean an island, but it is usually the coast along, call it, San Diego County. My boat has caught more 60 plus pound seabass  than any boat on the coast, with 72 pounds being the biggest to date. Seabass are my passion and what we target in  the late winter, spring, and early summer.   


  •  Pilothouse: $1500, $1800 for reverse 1.5 day 
  •  Center Console: $1200  
  •  Lobster/white seabass combo: $1200, both boats 
  •   *open party trips  are available and fill fast; call or e-mail    for more information and dates